Post-shopping guilt and not enough studying

Well, yesterday was pretty good. I took my mum to Holmfirth as planned, and we managed to spend 3 hours in two shops. The first was a little gift/furniture shop. It was based in a lovely old house complete with all the original features – fireplaces, bread ovens, butler’s sinks (well the sinks themselves were missing but the stone base was still there and being used as a display shelf). Lovely place, almost maze like, with some gorgeous and not so gorgeous things in it. The other hour and a half or so was spent in Up Country (again!). My mum loved it there. Unfortunately, it turned out to be me who spent the money, although the only reason mum didn’t buy was by some sage advice from the owner on the kind of stuff she would need. Bought some Rowan chunky print to make felted bags out of. One is to be yet another birthday gift (hopefully – I’m not sure it will work yet) made from a free pattern at Hello Yarn. It looks pretty simple and fairly quick. Just depends on the yarn and its felting capability. Cross fingers! Also bought a hank of Debbie Bliss Maya in a green. No idea what I’ll do with it, but I like the look and feel of it, and it will work for all kinds of things…

Came back to Huddersfield then, and mum took me to Beatties to try and find poncho patterns for her. She doesn’t like most of them, but she did manage to find a Sirdar pattern there that has everything she wants. The yarn was a bit steep though for something of that size (it is quite a long one, knit in denim ultra, so it is pretty chunky too), so we went to the market to try and find something to sub for it. No luck there I’m afraid. The wool shop there isn’t the best for bargains :( They do have a few bits and pieces, and satisfy the basics, but Huddersfield is not good for wool shopping. That’s why we ended up in Holmfirth in the first place. :( Mum will have to hunt Hull for somewhere to buy from now.

Anyway, the SnB charm bag is done at last, thanks to MonsterGirl at giving me a kick up the backside about it :) Here it is. I’ve taken the pic with my purse and phone for sizing. I’m a bit cheesed off that I couldn’t get better handles, but they do, and they were the right price.

SnB Charm bag finished.jpg

Only Sarah M.’s to do now. Plus all the other stuff I have piled up waiting. Plus studying. I have had to force myself to sit down and study loads today. I’m a lecture or two behind at the mo, because of all the scarves I’ve been making! Must start making money out of the things…

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