The Trouble With Harry (1955) - publicity still - Publicity still for ''The Trouble With Harry'' (1955).Alfred and Alma Hitchcock - Photograph of Alma and Alfred Hitchcock, taken by photographer Bertrand Rindoff Petroff in Paris.''Hitch'' - by Alain Riou and Stéphane Boulan - Rear cover of the Blu-ray/DVD release of Alain Riou and Stéphane Boulan's stage play ''Hitch: When Truffaut Confronted Hitchcock''.Torn Curtain (1966) - on set - On set photograph of Julie Andrews and Alfred Hitchcock (''Torn Curtain'').Rear Window (1954) - on set - Photograph of Grace Kelly and Hitchcock, taken during the filming of ''Rear Window''.Marnie (1964) - film frame - Film frame from ''Marnie'' showing Hitchcock's cameo.Murder! (1930) - film frame - Film frame from ''Murder!'' (1930) showing Hitchcock's cameo appearance.The Birds (1963) - Trautonium - Publicity shot of Alfred Hitchcock (''The Birds''). Hitchcock is posing with the Trautonium, the instrument used to create the bird noises for the film.The Wrong Man (1956) - photograph - Photograph of Alfred Hitchcock and Henry Fonda (''The Wrong Man'')Psycho (1960) - still - Signed publicity still from ''Psycho''.Alfred Hitchcock (1979) - Actor Sean Connery shakes Alfred Hitchcock's hand at the ''American Film Institute Salute to Alfred Hitchcock''.The Lady Vanishes (1938) - on set - Photograph of Hitchcock relaxing on the set of ''The Lady Vanishes'' with Margaret Lockwood and his daughter Patricia.The Mountain Eagle (1926) - photograph - Photograph of the crew, taken during the filming of ''The Mountain Eagle''.To Catch a Thief (1955) - on set - Photograph of Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock (''To Catch a Thief'').Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Photograph of Alfred Hitchcock (''Alfred Hitchcock Presents'').