Alfred Hitchcock (1956) - Photograph of the Hitchcock family, taken in 1956.The Hitchcock Family (1956) - Photograph of the Hitchcock family, taken in August 1956.Alfred Hitchcock and family (1939) - Photograph of the Hitchcock family, walking their dogs (Edward IX and Mr Jenkins) in Los Angeles in 1939.Alfred Hitchcock (1953) - Photograph of Hitchcock holding his first granddaughter, Mary Stone|Mary, in 1953.The Hitchcock Family - Photograph of the Hitchcock family.Strangers on a Train (1951) - on set - On set photograph of Alfred Hitchcock and Patricia Hitchcock (Strangers on a Train (1951)).Vertigo (1958) - Kim Novak and Pat Hitchcock - Photograph of Kim Novak and Patricia Hitchcock, taken in 1996.Alien Arrivals by Airplane at Miami - Index card for ''Alien Arrivals by Airplane into Miami'' for Patricia Hitchcock. The Hitchcock family flew in on 22 March 1939.Strangers on a Train (1951) - photograph - Photograph from ''Strangers on a Train''.Psycho (1960) - film frame - Film frame from ''Psycho''.Alma and Patricia - Undated photograph of Alma Reville and her daughter Patricia.Passenger list (1932) - Page from the passenger list of the ''Atlantis'', which sailed from Southampton on 2 February 1932, destined for Africa, South America and Mexico. Alfred, Alma and Patricia Hitchcock are listed.Alfred Hitchcock (1941) - Photograph of Alfred Hitchcock, Alma Reville and daughter Patricia Hitchcock, likely taken in late 1941. Alma is reading a copy of ''Solitaire''.Vertigo (1958) - photograph - Photograph of Alfred and Patricia Hitchcock (''Vertigo'').Patricia and Alfred - Photograph of Patricia Hitchcock and Alfred Hitchcock.