Vertigo (1958) - film frame - Film frame of Henry Jones in ''Vertigo''.Vertigo (1958) - unused Carlotta painting - The unused ''Portrait of Carlotta'' for ''Vertigo'' based on actress Vera Miles.Vertigo (1958) - film frames - Film frames panorama of the opening rooftop chase in ''Vertigo'' filmed on Taylor Street. At the far left is Coit Tower and at the far right are the Brocklebank Apartments.Vertigo (1958) - source novel - Front cover of the Bloomsbury edition of Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac's source novel for ''Vertigo''.Vertigo (1958) - photograph - Publicity photograph for ''Vertigo''.Vertigo (1958) - film frame - Film frame of Barbara Bel Geddes in ''Vertigo''.Vertigo (1958) - photograph - Photograph from ''Vertigo''.Vertigo (1958) - on location - On set photograph from ''Vertigo''.Vertigo (1958) - photograph - Publicity photograph of Barbara Bel Geddes (''Vertigo'').Peeping Tom (1960) - The opening of Michael Powell's 1960 film ''Peeping Tom'', reminiscent of Saul Bass' opening sequence for Hitchcock's ''Vertigo'' (1958).Vertigo (1958) - film frame - Film frame from James Stewart's nightmare sequence in ''Vertigo'', showing Joanne Genthon as Carlotta Valdes.Vertigo (1958) - on set - Photograph of Hitchcock and Kim Novak (''Vertigo'').900 Lombard Street - Photograph of 900 Lombard Street, used as the exterior of Scottie's apartment in ''Vertigo''.Vertigo (1958) - James Stewart - Photograph of James Stewart, from ''Vertigo''.Cinema Journal - Cinema Journal cover from 1982.