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Alfred Hitchcock's Book of Horror Stories: Book 9

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Alfred Hitchcock's Book of Horror Stories: Book 9


  1. Killed by Kindness by Nedra Tyre
  2. Just a Minor Offense by John F. Suter
  3. The Long, Terrible Day novelette by Charlotte Edwards
  4. Cicero by Edward Wellen
  5. Winter Run by Edward D. Hoch
  6. You Can’t Blame Me by Henry Slesar
  7. Death of a Derelict by Joseph Payne Brennan
  8. Present for Lona by Avram Davidson
  9. Murderer #2 by Jean Potts
  10. The Third Call by Jack Ritchie
  11. A Home Away from Home by Robert Bloch
  12. The Handyman by Clayton Matthews
  13. Nothing But Human Nature by Hillary Waugh
  14. Murder, 1990 by C.B. Gilford
  15. Panther, Panther in the Night novelette by Paul W. Fairman