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Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in The Secret of Shark Reef (book)

The Secret of Shark Reef



Let all nervous readers beware! Do not turn another page of this book unless you can face wind and surging sea, sabotage and sharks, mud slides and monstrous shapes that rise from the ocean! Readers who lack the taste for breathless adventure must seek out a tamer story!

But for stout-hearted readers who seek the thrill of action, the latest deeds of The Three Investigators will challenge mind and nerve! Never have the junior detectives been caught up in a wilder, more puzzling, more deadly series of events. Each member of the intrepid trio is called upon to outdo himself!

The ingenuity of the somewhat plump and insufferably knowledgeable Jupiter Jones is stretched to its utmost to solve mysteries that lead only to more mysteries! The athletic prowess of Pete Crenshaw lets that tall, muscular boy go where the others dare not! And the quick thinking of studious Bob Andrews saves the day when all looks lost!

From the moment Bob’s father invites the trio to accompany him to a new offshore oil-drilling platform, the boys are caught up in a whirlwind of mystery on land and sea! So, adventurous readers, turn the page and join our daring threesome as they seek out – and finally learn – the secret of Shark Reef.


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