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Hitchcock Gallery

The Hitchcock Gallery is a collection of around 9,000 images relating to Alfred Hitchcock and his films.

Where not in the Public Domain, the copyright of the images is owned by their original creators and/or the respective film studios.


The 1000 Frames of Hitchcock project contains 52,000 images taken from DVDs of the 52 surviving Hitchcock films.

Specific People



Recent Additions

Storyboard sketch for ''Psycho'' (1960).Family photograph taken in the early 1930s and reproduced in ''Hitchcock: Piece by Piece''. L-R: Emma Jane Hitchcock, unknown man, Patricia Hitchcock, Alma Reville, Ellen Marcella Lee (next to Patricia), Alfred Hitchcock, unknown man and woman. The elderly man is not Alma's father, Matthew Edward Reville, as he died in May 1928. The unknown woman is captioned as being Hitch's sister Ellen Kathleen, but the woman does not resemble descriptions of her.Photograph taken during a script conference for ''Lifeboat'' (1944). L-R: Kenneth Macgowan, Alfred Hitchcock, Alma Reville & Jo Swerling.Photograph of Alfred Hitchcock and Tallulah Bankhead taken on the set of ''Lifeboat'' (1944).On set photograph from ''Strangers on a Train'' (1951).Photograph of Alma Reville and Alfred Hitchcock taken in Bavaria, likely during the filming of ''The Pleasure Garden'' or ''The Mountain Eagle''. Alma's coat is one seen in publicity stills for ''The Mountain Eagle''.Photograph of Hitchcock holding his first granddaughter, Mary Stone|Mary, in 1953.Portrait of Alfred Hitchcock, taken in the early 1920s.Photograph of Alfred Hitchcock.Publicity still for ''Psycho'' (1960).Publicity still of Hitchcock sketching a scene for ''Lifeboat'' (1944).Publicity still from ''Vertigo'' (1958).Photograph of Alfred and Alma celebrating their 43rd birthdays in August 1942, during the filming of ''Shadow of a Doubt'' (1943).Photograph of Alfred and Alma celebrating their 43rd birthdays in August 1942, during the filming of ''Shadow of a Doubt'' (1943).Publicity still for ''Psycho'' (1960).On set photograph from ''Shadow of a Doubt'' (1943).On set photograph from ''Spellbound'' (1945).Storyboards for ''North by Northwest'' (1959).Storyboard for ''North by Northwest'' (1959).Storyboards for ''North by Northwest'' (1959).On set photograph from ''Marnie'' (1964).Publicity still for ''The Birds'' (1963).Publicity still for ''Secret Agent'' (1936).Publicity still for ''The Birds'' (1963).Photograph taken during location filming for ''To Catch a Thief'' (1955).On set photograph from ''Torn Curtain'' (1966).On set photograph from ''Spellbound'' (1945).On set photograph from ''Marnie'' (1964).1988 US commemorative postage stamp featuring Alfred Hitchcock.Production sketch by Thomas N. Morahan for ''Jamaica Inn'' (1939).

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