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Houston Southwestern Times (02/Jan/1947) - Styles in Glamor Girls Determined by Women




Styles in Glamor Girls Determined by Women

It's women — women moviegoers who make up 80 per cent of the audience — who create the Betty Grables, the Lana Turners and the Bergmans, so says Alfred Hitchcock, the movie director who gauges trends like Gallup measures opinions.

Hitchcock asserts women set the standards of sex appeal and that the males just fall in line.

It isn't the male wolf who keeps Turner sweating out scene after scene in a sweater. The British-American director swears it's the bobby-soxer, the little gals between 15 and 18 who take their boy friends along just to buy the ticket.

"It's identification, that's what it is," Hitchcock tells you. "The bobby-soxer wants to look like Grable and Turner. The older woman wants to look like Bergman."

The whole process starts with a mirror, Hitchcock goes on.

"When a woman looks in her mirror she sees what she wants to see."