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Texas Sweetwater Reporter (18/Jul/1954) - Star Grace Kelly Names 5 Most Fascinating Men




Star Grace Kelly Names 5 Most Fascinating Men

HOLLYWOOD. July 17 — UP — Grace Kelly, the latest femme fatale of the screen, Saturday selected the five most fascinating men in the world — all older men because "I can learn something from them."

The former Philadelphia socialite, known in movietown as the rich girl who made good, is the big star discovery of the year, and also the target for various romeos.

But when asked to list the men who appeal to her the most, she picked graying, or balding middle-aged celebrities.

The cool, sophisticated Miss K. named Winston Churchill ("I met him in London last year and I think he's wonderful,") Albert Einstein ("I met him casually at Princeton"), Charles Boyer ("one of my dream men"), famed cellist Pablo Casals ("I have his recordings") and director Alfred Hitchcock, with whom she has worked in "Dial M for Murder," "Rear Window" and currently "Catch a Thief."

Even in his personal life her courters have included men nearly twice the age of the 25-year-old actress — Bing Crosby, Clark Gable and designer Oleg Cassini, ex-husband of Gene Tierney.

She prefers their company, she explained, because "older men are more interesting."

"I like people who know more than I do," she said. "It's fun to learn things. I like to be with people that you can gain some knowledge from."

Grace spoke in her dressing room at Paramount studio between scenes of "Catch a Thief." Many scribes describe her as an aloof star who is difficult to interview. But I found her an honest, serious person who carefully selects her answers " because I don't want to say things I don't mean. Sometimes you can change your mind one month to the next."

In fact, she worried over her list of fascinating men for an hour, prodded by co-star Cary Grant, one of the most charming legmen a journalist can have.

Cassini is pursuing her at the moment, but she insisted "we are old friends." She described the designer as "a witty conversationalist, wonderful dancer."

"I have no plans to marry anyone now," she said. "I don't even date out here when I am working. There seem to be more women than men in Hollywood, anyway.

"When I do date I like men I have interests in common with — dancing, swimming, the theater. And I always have preferred older people. Even as a child."