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The Modesto Bee (05/Dec/1955) - Hitchcock Lands in Bangkok After 'Strange Flight'


  • article: Hitchcock Lands in Bangkok After 'Strange Flight'
  • newspaper: The Modesto Bee (05/Dec/1955)
  • keywords: Alfred Hitchcock


Hitchcock Lands In Bangkok After "Strange Flight"

BANGKOK, Tuesday (IP) Film Director Alfred Hitchcock Monday cleared up the mystery of his "disappearance" in a KLM Dutch plane over Bengal Bay Friday and Saturday.

The plane was delayed at Calcutta's airport because of engine trouble and when it finally took off Saturday night it was forced to return there at night.

The passengers could not leave without undergoing complicated Indian customs procedure which probably started the rumors that he had disappeared over the bay, Hitchcock explained.

"Let's put it this way," the noted film director said. "It's the strangest flight I have ever been on."

Hitchcock, who is on a tour of Asian capitals, said he would remain here until Wednesday to meet with fiim executives and actors and leave tor Hong Kong and Tokyo for a five day visit.