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Variety (1940) - Miscellany: Gene Autry's Hoss By Plane Costs Rodeo Star $3,400




Gene Autry's Hoss By Plane Costs

Rodeo Star $3,400

TWA sent everybody into a couple of dithers last week by announcing that Champ, Gene Autry's hoss, would be a-ridin' into the LaGuardia Airport, N. Y., this week. As the story goes, Autry was working on a picture up to Saturday night with the hoss. It was impossible to ship the animal east then in time for the rodeo opening at the Garden today — that is, impossible, except by air. None of the airlines was crazy about taking the assignment, but ultimately TWA agreed. Engineers were set to work. Craftsmen ripped seats out of a 14-passenger transport. A hoss stall was installed. TWA had to get a new license as the DC-2 wasn't licensed by the CAB for hoss-carrying — and after the job, the remodeling and fixing, a new licensing application will have to be made. Rumor is the jaunt price tag was $3,400.


Garson Kanin and John Garfield, young men of Hollywood, are cooking something, but they aren't doing much talking about it.

Ralph Bellamy alighted from the same Mercury, and said he was in town for a vacation. He was met by his wife. The Bellamys said they would headquarter at the Lombardy, and the two plotters said Hampshire House would get their patronage.


Mrs. Alfred Hitchcock strolled the Observation Deck at the field Monday, just like any goggler from the sticks. With her were mother and sister who arrived from England a few days before, to meet whom Mr. H. had flown east aboard the sTWAtoliner. The director's wife said she and her family would set out for the Coast Friday by train, because her mother was a trifle uncertain about whether she would enjoy flying.


Eloquent evidence of the b.o. enjoyed by the Hotel New Yorker's concessions, the Kitty Hawk Room and Aviation Terrace Restaurant, at the airport, was new policy introduced last Saturday night. Jay Coe has renamed his band, 'Jay Coe and his Coe-Pilots' and they play from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. in the Terrace, instead of doing the late half of the nite trick in the Kitty Hawk Bar.

New band, Jan Craig and his orchestra, are taking over the dance assignment in the Hawk from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. The crowds drawn by the floor show now justify two bands.

Back from a tough job as corporal in the artillery corps of the French army, Gilbert Mandelik came in on the Yankee Clipper last week.

Dan Topping and his bride, Sonja Henie, went hopping out to Pittsburgh on a TWA Douglas transport for the opening game between Topping's Dodgers and the Steelers.

Lynn Bari and Walter Kane were aboard Wednesday night's crack TWAer to the Coast.

Lucille Watson and L. Friedman had seats aboard the stratoliner that lifted for the continental run last Saturday night. The same night Joe Connolly, the Hearst exec, flew in from Chicago, and Gail Patrick landed a short while later. Singing 'TWA-TWA', Gus Schirmer, the tune-publisher, departed for California on the stratoliner early last week.