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Variety (1940) - Pictures: Dave Selznick Confirms Jock Whitney's Bow-Out From S-I, But His 2 Next Pix Go via UA Regardless


  • article: Pictures: Dave Selznick Confirms Jock Whitney's Bow-Out From S-I, But His 2 Next Pix Go via UA Regardless
  • journal: Variety (14/Aug/1940)
  • issue: volume 139, issue 10, page 5
  • journal ISSN: 0042-2738
  • publisher: Penske Business Media



Dave Selznick Confirms Jock Whitney's Bow-Out From S-I, But His 2 Next Pix Go via UA Regardless

No matter under what corporate setup they are produced, his next two pictures will be made for United Artists release, David O. Selznick emphasized to Variety on Monday (12). Selznick declared that he has two films yet to make under his UA pact and what corporation is technically the producer matters little inasmuch as the contract calls for his personal services.

Selznick said there is no time limit in the contract during which the two films must be made, but that the next two pictures he produces, no matter when, must go to UA. Declaring that he hoped to get started on the first during the winter. Selznick said he has no idea what it will be. Only point that is definite, he avowed, is that two of the three femme stars he has under contract will be used in the picture and that one of the films will be directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Gals are Vivien Leigh, Ingrid Bergman and Joan Fontaine.

As to the corporate shenanigans in which Selznick has been taking part, the producer confirmed the exclusive story in last week's Variety that steps preliminary to the dissolution of Selznick-International Pictures, Inc., were taken at the board of directors meeting Tuesday (6). He emphasized, however, that these were not final steps, but merely preliminaries which must be approved by a conclave of stockholders and directors later this month. He refused to say definitely that the company would be dissolved without-adding the qualifying clause that final consummation depends on the forthcoming meeting.

There is every indication that the plan will be given the nod, inasmuch as the five directors at last week's meeting easily control enough stock to shape the company's grave. They included John Hay Whitney, chairman of the board, whose determination to get out of the picture business is one of the major reasons for dissolution; Robert Lehman, of the banking firm of Lehman Bros.; Selznick; his brother, Myron, and Loyd Wright.

New Calif. Corp.

Further emphasizing the action at last week's meeting was the step taken by Selznick the following day in incorporating a new producing company in California. Known as David O. Selznick Productions, Inc., directors listed in the papers are Charles E. Millikan, Glendale, Cal.; Richard M. Goldwater, Los Anseles; Herschel B. Green, North Hollywood; S. Earl Wright, Playa del Rey; and Earl C. Morris, Los Angeles.

Although playing cagey inasmuch as S-I has yet to be voted out of existence and a snag developing 'twixt saucer and snout' might make him appear premature. Selznick made it clear that obvious conclusions could be drawn as to the purpose of D.O.S. Productions.

Shelving of S-I is motivated by two factors. First is Whitney's desire to get out while the five-year-old company is in the throes of its first highly successful season and he has a fat profit to his credit. Second is the rapidly mounting state and Federal taxes due to bis returns on 'Gone With the Wind' and 'Rebecca.'