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Western Morning News (04/Aug/1942) - Plymouth Films: New Show at Torquay




New Show At Torquay

There are few contemporaries who can hold a candle to director Alfred Hitchcock for realism and suspense. "Saboteur," at the Odeon, Plymouth, is not perhaps on a par with his finest achievements, but is worth seeing.

With Miss Priscilla Lane as a heroine and Mr. Robert Cummings as a patriotic young American wrongfully suspected of sabotage, involving the gruesome death of his best friend, it has some thrilling moments, including an explosion at a launching in Brooklyn Navy Yard. The saboteurs are members of a large organization consisting of people least likely to be suspected of helping their country's enemies.

Though the hero, perhaps, does not go the best way about it, he succeeds eventually in running the gang to earth.