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Ellen Albert (b. 1897) née Fitzpatrick

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Ellen Fitzpatrick, also known as "Nellie" was the only child of Stephen and Ellen Fitzpatrick who survived beyond infancy.

Following her mother's death, it appears her father emigrated to America and Ellen was looked after and financially supported by members of the extended Hitchcock family.[1]

According to biographer Patrick McGilligan, Ellen "briefly moved in with the Leytonstone branch when the future director was a young boy". Whilst this may have been the case, the 1901 Census lists Ellen living with her uncle Alfred in Bermondsey.

By 1911 when she was aged 13, Ellen was a boarder at St. Mary's Convent, Battersea Park Road, London.

She married Gerhard Nicholaus Quirin Albert (b. 1895) in 1925 and had at least two sons. Gerhard worked in the Merchant Navy and died aboard the tanker ship Circe Shell in 1936.

Ellen appears to have remained close to her extended family and was a beneficiary in the wills of her uncle John (died 1949) and her cousin Teresa Mary (died 1973).

Ellen died in 1983.




  • 24/Dec/1897 in West Ham district[2]


Gerhard Nicholaus Quirin Albert (b. 1895)

  • born 03/Aug/1895 in London[3]
  • served in the Merchant Navy and achieved the rank of Master[4]
  • married 1925 to Ellen Fitzpatrick[5]
  • died 25/Jul/1936 at sea aboard the tanker ship Circe Shell
  • probate granted 26/Oct/1936 to his widow, Ellen — effects worth £2,674 16s. 2d.


The following likely children were found during research, but birth certificates were not obtained to confirm the names of the parents.

John Gerard Albert (b. 1926)

  • born 27/Dec/1926[6]
  • served as a merchant seaman during World War Two
  • possibly married 1955 to Gwyneth M. Ellis in Cardiganshire, Wales

Christopher Ronald Albert (b. 1935)

  • born 21/Oct/1935[7]
  • possibly married 1963 to Gaynor Patricia Chapman (b. ~1935)[8]
  • possibly married 1974 to Jeannette Childs (b. ~1937)[9]
  • died 03/Apr/2008 in London


Family Tree


Census Data


Following the death of her mother, Ellen is living with her uncle Alfred.

  • address: 79 Bermondsey New Road
  • Alfred Hitchcock (aged 36) — head, occupation: fishmonger
  • John Hitchcock (aged 30) — brother, occupation: fishmonger
  • Thomas Gollop (aged 23) — step-son, occupation: fishmonger
  • Ettie Gollop (aged 21) — step-daughter, occupation: housekeeper
  • Nellie Fitzpatrick (aged 7) — niece
  • Lizzie Satchell (aged 16) — domestic servant

1939 Register

11 Campion Road, Wandsworth, London

Research Notes

Notes & References

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