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Yorkshire Post (07/Aug/1928) - The Cinema World: A Busy Month in British Studios



The Cinema World: A Busy Month in British Studios

Two New Betty Balfour Films.

Five new pictures from British International will shortly be trade-shown by Wardours at the rate of one a week for five weeks. The most interesting is obviously "Champagne," in which Betty Balfour plays the lead, and which Alfred Hitchcock has directed — the first combined work of the leading British director and the only British "star" who has so far achieved something like a world-wide reputation. I always feel that Mr. Hitchcock at his best can give to a film a certain vital rhythm which I have scarcely ever encountered save in the briefest snatches in the work of any other director. If he can reach his best level with "Champagne" the picture should stand a good chance of achieving a circulation and a success of the utmost value to the British film industry as a whole.

Among the other British International pictures in this trade show programme will be; "Adam's Apple," the first work in this country of the Italian-American comedian Monty Banks; "Tesha," directed by Victor Saville, with Jameson Thomas and Maria Corda; "His Wife's Husband," with Jameson Thomas and Estelle Brody, directed by Harry Lachmann; and finally another Betty Balfour picture called "Paradise," about which not much has yet been heard. The directer is Denison Gift, who made several British films some years ago and has since had a good deal of American experience.