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The Birds is Coming?  Published 1/16/2015 in It's Only a Movie...

Here's a little curio which appeared in the San Antonio Light newspaper on 26th April 1945, nearly 20 years before Hitchcock made The Birds (1963). In an article titled "Peace Plans Pour Into Conference", the newspaper apparently asked Hitchcock... [read more]

Movieland's Spy Master  Published 1/14/2015 in It's Only a Movie...

I can't recall ever seeing this article reproduced before, so I thought I'd share it with you :) "Movieland's Spy Master" appeared in the Montana Standard (08/Nov/1942) and looks to have originally been published in Every Week Magazine. The LIFE... [read more]

Rest in Peace: 2014  Published 12/31/2014 in It's Only a Movie...

It's one of the sad facts that the pool of talented people who worked with Hitchcock dwindles each year and I'd just to take a moment to remember those who passed away during 2014: Mary Anderson (1918-2014) — played the role of Alice... [read more]

Merry Christmas!  Published 12/24/2014 in It's Only a Movie...

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Hitchy New... [read more]

Henry Mancini and "Frenzy"  Published 12/14/2014 in It's Only a Movie...

A big "thank you" to film historian Morris Bright (author of Pinewood Studios, 70 Years of Fabulous Filmmaking) for sharing these extremely rare photographs of Hitchcock and composer Henry Mancini, taken in December 1971, which were found... [read more]

"I was not surprised I had chosen the Sarony" said Alfred Hitchcock  Published 12/11/2014 in It's Only a Movie...

We've previous covered the Lux Toilet Soap newspaper advertisement from May 1929 which featured Hitchcock and this one appeared later on the same year in the Daily Mail (on 31/Jul/1929 and again on 11/Sep/1929): This was just one of dozens of... [read more]

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Great Hitchcock Murder Mystery  Published 11/9/2014 in It's Only a Movie...

This little curio titled "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Great Hitchcock Murder Mystery" appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune's weekend magazine, "This Week", on Sunday 4th August 1957. Unfortunately the images are from the best quality scan I... [read more]

You'd like to say ... it can't happen here ... but it has!!  Published 11/4/2014 in It's Only a Movie...

I take my hat off to the designer of this wonderful advert for Saboteur (1942) which appeared in the Texan Sweetwater Reporter newspaper in July 1942! This was a highly opportunist piece of advertising, as the two agents seen in the... [read more]

Hollywood Oversight: Norman Lloyd  Published 10/12/2014 in It's Only a Movie...

Next month marks the centenary of the birth of actor, producer and director Norman Lloyd! Lloyd's first major film role was in Hitchcock's Saboteur (1942), playing the role of "Fry". Later, he became an associate producer and director on... [read more]

Now you can shampoo...  Published 10/8/2014 in It's Only a Movie...

Just as Hitchcock knew the power of publicity, advertisers knew the power of publicity that referenced Hitchcock. Here's an advertisement from the July 1960 issue of Modern Screen, featuring actress Vera Miles. The irony is that Miles... [read more]

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