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Alfred Hitchcock is usually credited with directing 53 films, but he was also involved with dozens of other films and an iconic television series. The following is, we hope, a complete list of his oeuvre.

Films are listed in chronological order of production, which occasionally differs from the order of release in the country of production. The year of release is taken from the Internet Movie Database and may not exactly match other published Hitchcock filmographies.

Main Filmography

No. 53: "Family Plot" (1976)

The 53 feature films traditionally credited to Hitchcock...







Other Works

Other films and works of interest, with Hitchcock's contribution (either based on factual information or on assumption) shown in italics...


Some sites also credit Hitchcock as being a co-director on Harmony Heaven (1929) with Thomas Bentley, however, in Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light, Patrick McGilligan states that if Hitchcock did work on the film, then his input was minimal.


Unfilmed and Unrealized

The following are films and projects that never saw the light of day, or that were initially announced as going to be directed by Hitchcock.

Titled Projects

Untitled Projects

Awards and Nominations

Sequels and Remakes

Spoofs, Parodies and Homages

Works that Reference Hitchcock

Misc Pages

A selection of other film related sections of the site...