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The Women Who Knew Too Much: Hitchcock and Feminist Theory (2005) by Tania Modleski

author Tania Modleski
publisher Routledge (2005, 2nd edition)
ISBN 0415901766 (1st edition)
ISBN 0415973627 (2nd edition)
ISBN 1138920339 (3rd edition)
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Tania Modleski claims that critical approaches to Hitchcock have falsely fallen into two camps: either he is seen as a misogynist, or he is seen as sympathetic to women in his demonstration of women's plight in patriarchy. In opposition to these positions, Modleski asserts that Hitchcock is ambivalent towards his female characters. Applying the theories of psychoananlysis, mass culture, and a broad range of film and feminist criticism, Modleski presents careful and fascinating readings of seven Hitchcock films from various periods in his career.



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