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Hitchcock Journal Articles Project

About the Project

The Hitchcock Journal Articles Project is inspired by Jane E. Sloan's work on compiling an "Annotated Bibliography of Writings by and about Hitchcock" for Alfred Hitchcock: A Filmography and Bibliography, published in 1995. Sloan's bibliography contains bibliographic details for around a thousand journal articles relating to Alfred Hitchcock and his career.

This project is designed to build upon Sloan's pioneering work, with a particular emphasis on the huge increase of journals now available online.

As well as scholarly journal articles, the project classifies magazines and other non-daily periodicals as "journals". For daily newspapers and news web sites, see the Hitchcock Newspaper Articles Project.

The complete list of journal articles, sorted by journal title and year, is available here.

The 500 most recently added journal articles are available here.

Articles per Year

Click to view the full-sized graph:

The number of articles published per year began to increase after Hitchcock's death in 1980, peaking in 1999 with over 120 articles marking the centenary of his birth.

Project Aims

For each article:

  1. provide accurate bibliographic reference details
  2. provide embedded OpenURL COinS metadata
  3. provide article access links, either to the journal publisher, journal aggregator platforms or to Google Scholar — n.b. most articles are not freely available on the web, but might be accessible via your local library
  4. provide an abstract for the article
  5. to index the full-text of the article, so that it is linked to relevant pages on the wiki and vice versa
  6. list the works referenced by the article
  7. where the article has been made freely available on the web, archive a copy on the wiki
  8. where the article is not freely available on the web, to display the first 5% of the article for pre/review purposes

Embedded OpenURL COinS Metadata

Whenever possible, OpenURL COinS metadata will be embedded into the web page. If you are using reference management software or web browser extensions that understand COinS, this will allow you to import the bibliographic details (e.g. into Zotero or Mendeley) and/or check your own library's holdings to see if you have access to the full-text of the article (e.g. using OCLC's OpenURL Referrer).

Access Links

Many journal articles are published in journals that require a subscription in order to read them. Most academic libraries (and some public libraries) purchase journal subscriptions to allow their users to access those articles. If you are studying at a university or are a member of a public library, you may be able to access some of the journal articles for free via the library. Alternatively, most subscription journal sites allow you to make one-off purchases of articles.

For most articles, there should also be a Google Scholar link. Please note that this is generated automatically, so is not guaranteed to locate the item, as it may not be held in the Google index.

Previews of Articles

Where previews are provided, they are done so under the spirit of the US Fair Use doctrine and are approximately the first 5% of the original article (calculated by word count).

The intention is not to breach the author or publisher's copyright -- if you are the rights holder and would prefer the preview to be removed, please email admin@hitchcock.zone with the relevant details and it will be removed within 24 hours of your email being acknowledged.

How Articles are Indexed

Articles are indexed in two ways on the wiki:

  1. many pages contain an "articles about..." link, which should locate articles that are specifically about a person or a topic, e.g. articles about Michael Balcon


  2. at the top of the page, underneath the title, you'll often find a "see also..." link -- this locates all of the articles that contain a reference to the subject, e.g. articles that reference Michael Balcon (n.b. the subject might only be mentioned briefly)


Articles from Specific Journals