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AKC Gazette (2005) - The Captain's Fancy: Sealyham Terrier


  • article: The Captain's Fancy
  • author(s): Seymour Weiss
  • journal: AKC Gazette (01/Jun/2005)
  • issue: volume 122, issue 6, page 24
  • journal ISSN: 1086-0940
  • publisher: American Kennel Club
  • keywords: Animal behavior, Dog shows, Dogs



Weiss details the origins of Sealyham Terrier, a breed that is a marvelous companion, a terrier that can still work, and very often a peerless performer in the demanding environment of the show ring. He asserts that the Sealyham Terrier was a creation of former military officer Captain John Edwards, who wanted a breed that would be keen for the chase, a match for the fierce badgers and otters near Haverfordwest Wales.