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Adam Hitchcock (b. 16??)

Little is currently known of the life of Adam Hitchcock, the sixth great grandfather of film director Alfred Hitchcock.

He was born in Essex — probably in Dedham — sometime in the first quarter of the 17th century.

As Adam is the only Hitchcock named in the earliest surviving parish records from Dedham, the baptismal record for daughter Susan indicates he was married twice and his first wife was named Susan. The records also give his surname as "Hitchcocke" , "Hitchecoke" and "Hitchkock".

His second wife was given as a widow at the time of her death in 1695, meaning Adam died before then.



  • not known


  • date of birth unknown, but likely before or around 1625
  • born in Essex (likely Dedham or Lawford)


Susan ?

  • date of marriage unknown, but likely around 1645

Thomasine Cocke

n.b. the spelling of her name varies widely in the records

  • likely born in Lawford
  • married 1658 to Adam Hitchcock in Lawford, Essex[1]
  • died 1695 and buried 10/Feb/1695 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham


Susan Hitchcock (b. ~1647)

  • born around 1647
  • baptised 19/Sep/1647 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham[2]

John Hitchcock (b. ~1660)

Thomasine Hitchcock (b. ~1663)

  • born around 1663
  • baptised 19/Jul/1663 at St. Mary the Virgin, Dedham[8]
  • possibly married 1663 to Thomas King

William Hitchcock (b. ~1665)

Mary Hitchcock (b. ~1667)

  • born around 1667
  • married 24/Nov/1692 to Abraham Ham


  • date of death unknown, but between 1666 and 1695

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