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Adelaide Chronicle (11/Jul/1929) - Filming the British Museum



Filming the British Museum

The British Museum, which figures rather casually in one of Mr. Anthony Asquith's films, is to play quite a big part in the first British "talkie," Mr. Alfred Hitchcock's "Blackmail." Mr. Hitchcock has permission to film as much of the exterior and photograph as much of the interior as he wants, and his minions were at work a few days ago, in a "Flying Squad" van, filming a "wanted" man (Mr. Donald Calthrop), who scudded along Great Russell street, and dashed to cover up the steps of the Museum. Mr. Hitchcock, who seems to be turning rather to the Russian theory of casting types rather than professional actors, made his cameraman film the ordinary passers-by against whom Mr. Calthrop brushed. Though a few became "camera conscious," the effect was realistic. For the interior scenes, which include a chase along the galleries and a crash through the dome of the reading room, the Museum authorities have naturally not allowed facilities on the spot. All these scenes are being done at Elstree, but I hope a few of the more confirmed readers in the Museum will be exhibited to the world.