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Alfred Hitchcock's Coffin Break

front cover of the US edition

Alfred Hitchcock's Coffin Break


  • Hitch has brewed you a fresh pot of fear.


  1. Girl Must Be Practical by Richard Deming
  2. Trick by Gil Brewer
  3. Older than Springtime by Syd Hoff
  4. Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree by Helen Nielsen
  5. Tale of 5 G's novelette by C.B. Gilford
  6. Blood Will Tell by Arthur Porges
  7. Ordeal of Ruby Martinson by Henry Slesar
  8. Garcia's Bulls by Hal Ellson
  9. Midnight Train by John Lutz
  10. Amen! by Ed Lacy
  11. Conflict of Interest novelette by James Holding
  12. Man on the Hook by Dick Ellis
  13. Room with a View by Hal Dresner
  14. Last Night's Evil by Jonathan Craig