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Alfred Hitchcock's Death-Reach

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock's Death-Reach


  1. Who? by Michael Collins
  2. A Quiet Backwater by Stanley Abbott
  3. Murder, Anyone? by Phil Davis
  4. The Island by William Jeffrey
  5. T'ang of the Suffering Dragon by James Holding
  6. The Hung-Up Juror by George Antonich
  7. Room to Let by Hal Ellson
  8. Mexico, with Lettuce by Allen Lang
  9. The Five-Minute Millionaire by James Cross
  10. Christmas Gift by Robert Turner
  11. The One Who Got Away by Al Nussbaum
  12. Not Exactly Love by Fletcher Flora
  13. Unidentified and Dead by Bryce Walton
  14. The Lure and the Clue by Edwin P. Hicks
  15. The Big Bajoor by Borden Deal
  16. Henry Lowden Alias Henry Talor by Helen Nielsen
  17. The Girl with the Dragon Kite by Edward D. Hoch
  18. Fat Jow and the Demon by Robert Alan Blair
  19. All the Same by Bill Pronzini
  20. Two Women, Two Victims by Donald Honig
  21. Heaven is a Frame of Mind by Richard Hardwick
  22. The Operator by Jack Ritchie
  23. Death by Calculation by Donald Martin
  24. Fiesta Time by Douglas Campbell
  25. A Man Called Cuervo by George Grover Kipp
  26. Occupational Hazard by John Crowe
  27. A Moment, One Night by Michael Van De Ven