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Alfred Hitchcock's Death Can Be Beautiful

US paperback

Alfred Hitchcock's Death Can Be Beautiful


  • Turn on to terror, says Alfie — in a brand new coffinfull of grisly delights
  • A fine collection of vintage murder, chosen by a connoisseur of crime


  1. Day of the Tiger by Jack Webb
  2. The Fanatical Ford by Arthur Porges
  3. The Sound of Murder by Donald E. Westlake
  4. An Agent Named Riddle by H.A. DeRosso
  5. Homicide En Route by C.B. Gilford
  6. The Listening Cone by Ed Lacy
  7. Cop Killer by James Holding
  8. The Death of Autumn by Hal Ellson
  9. Of Men and Vengeance by Donald Honig
  10. Just Curious by James H. Schmitz
  11. Beyond the Wall by Nedra Tyre
  12. What If I Had Taken the Train? by Robert Colby
  13. The Adventure of the Intarsia Box by August Derleth
  14. Beside a Flowering Wall by Fletcher Flora



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