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Alfred Hitchcock's Down by the Old Bloodstream

US paperback

Alfred Hitchcock's Down by the Old Bloodstream


  • Alfie invites you to jump right in — the gore is fine!


  1. Introduction by Alfred Hitchcock (ghost written)
  2. The Good Thief by Hal Ellson
  3. The Happenstance Snatch by Fletcher Flora
  4. Lone Witness by Talmage Powell
  5. Monkey King by James Holding
  6. Lucky Catch by Ed Lacy
  7. Janie Zeroes In by Arthur Porges
  8. A Fair Warning to Mystery Writers by C.B. Gilford
  9. The Still Small Voice by Richard Hardwick
  10. Haunted Hill by Robert Edmond Alter
  11. The Monster Brain by Richard Deming
  12. The Wrongo by Michael Brett
  13. A Miracle is Arranged by Jack Webb
  14. Kurdistan Payload by Pat Stadley
  15. The Flat Male by Frank Sisk

Back Cover

You can get anything you want at Hitch's Restaurant!

Like horror on the half-skull? Corpses bloody rare? Suspense done to the last turn of terror? Mystery seasoned with bizarre imagination and served up with grisly relish?

You'll find the nerve-tingling treats you want at Hitch's place, where you are invited to sit right down and enjoy a lip-smacking, throat-clutching feast prepared by Alfred Hitchcock's personal choice of such master literary chefs as Hal Ellson, Richard Hardwick, Fletcher Flora, Richard Deming, Talmage Powell, Robert Edmond Alter, James Holding, Jack Webb, Ed Lacy, Michael Brett, Arthur Porges, Pat Stadley, C.B. Gilford, Frank Sisk.