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Alfred Hitchcock's Grave Suspicions

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Alfred Hitchcock's Grave Suspicions


  • 28 Short Stories of Crime and Detection


  1. The Night of the Sea Serpent by Thomasina Weber — from AHMM 15(3)
  2. The State Against Sam Tucker by William M. Stephens — from AHMM 5(12)
  3. To Catch a Big One by Robert Edmond Alter
  4. Never Trust a Woman by Helen Nielsen
  5. Piggy Bank Killer by Jack Ritchie
  6. No Fish for the Cat by Neil M. Clark — from AHMM 10(8)
  7. The First Crime of Ruby Martinson by Henry Slesar — from AHMM 2(9)
  8. Till Death Do Not Us Part by Talmage Powell
  9. Mr. Reed Goes to Dinner by Ed Dumonte
  10. The Return of Crazy Bill by Frank Sisk — from AHMM 14(3)
  11. A Dash of Murder by Jack Morrison — from AHMM 8(9)
  12. Strange Prey by George C. Chesbro — from AHMM 15(8)
  13. Sweet Remembrance by Betty Ren Wright
  14. A Voice from the Leaves by Donald Olson
  15. This Day's Evil by Jonathan Craig — from AHMM 9(3)
  16. The Forgiving Ghost by C.B. Gilford
  17. The Crazy by Pauline C. Smith
  18. Police Calls by Carroll Mayers — from AHMM 21(6)
  19. Funeral in a Small Town by Stephen Wasylyk
  20. Hit or Miss by Edward Wellen — from AHMM 19(9)
  21. Murder in Miniature by Nora H. Caplan — from AHMM 7(9)
  22. Smuggler's Island by Bill Pronzini
  23. Monkey King by James Holding
  24. Nice Work If You Can Get It by Donald Honig — from AHMM 7(6)
  25. The Weapon by John Lutz
  26. Dead Drunk by Arthur Porges
  27. Jurisprudence by Leo P. Kelley
  28. My Daughter, the Murderer by Eleanor Daly Boylan