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Alfred Hitchcock's Having a Wonderful Crime

US paperback

Alfred Hitchcock's Having a Wonderful Crime


  • Wherever the eeriest in evil emerges, Hitchcock wishes you there!


  1. A Look at Mother Nature by Frank Sisk
  2. The Moonlighter by James Holding
  3. Honeymoon Cruise by Richard Deming
  4. A Coffin for Bertha Stetterson by Donald Honig
  5. The Jersey Devil by Edward Hoch
  6. The Garage Apartment by Joyce Harrington
  7. Attrition by Clayton Matthews
  8. Another Way Out by Robert Colby
  9. The Scientist and the Stolen Rembrandt by Arthur Porges
  10. Murder on the Honeymoon by C.B. Gilford
  11. A Gallon of Gas by William Brittain
  12. The Deadly Telephone by Henry Slesar
  13. Ego Boost by Richard O. Lewis
  14. Martha: In Memoriam by Richard Hardwick