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Alfred Hitchcock's Mortal Errors (book)

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock's Mortal Errors


  • 30 Stories of Mystery & Detection


  1. Fool's Gold by Gil Brewer
  2. The Artificial Liar by William Brittain
  3. The Late Unlamented by Jonathan Craig
  4. One Step to Murder by Jamie Ellis — from AHMM 19(9)
  5. The Great Rodeo Fix by Leo R. Ellis
  6. Hungry Lion by Isabel Field
  7. Where's Milo by Fletcher Flora
  8. Poltergeist by W. Sherwood Hartman
  9. Dreaming is a Lonely Thing by Edward D. Hoch
  10. A Padlock for Charlie Draper by James Holding
  11. Voices in Dead Man's Well by Donald Honig
  12. The Last Revival by Clark Howard — from AHMM 17(8)
  13. A Case for Quiet by William Jeffrey — from AHMM 16(8)
  14. Lessons from a Pro by George Kipp
  15. One Bad Winter's Day by William Link and Richard Levinson
  16. The Very Best by John Lutz
  17. Give-and-Take by Dan J. Marlowe — from AHMM 17(12)
  18. Dead Game by Harold Q. Masur
  19. An Easy Score by Al Nussbaum
  20. Blood Relatives by Donald Olson
  21. The Web by Bill Pronzini
  22. The Wastebasket by Jack Ritchie
  23. The Choice by Mark Sadler
  24. A Choice of Witnesses by Henry Slesar
  25. The Night Helen Was Killed by Pauline C. Smith
  26. A Matter of Experience by Wyc Toole
  27. Beyond the Wall by Nedra Tyre
  28. The Quiet Investigation by Max Van Derveer
  29. If a Body by Stephen Wasylyk
  30. Scents in the Dark by Edward Wellen