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Alfred Hitchcock's Most Wanted: The First Lineup (book)

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Alfred Hitchcock's Most Wanted: The First Lineup


  • 21 Outstanding Stories of Mystery and Suspense


  1. The Attaché Case by Ernest Savage — from AHMM 25(4)
  2. Auction at Mckay's Corners by Alan K. Young — from AHMM 25(4)
  3. Bottomed Out by Robert Twohy — from AHMM 25(7)
  4. Hit and Run by Clark Howard
  5. The Incomplete Salmagundi by S.S. Rafferty
  6. China Trader by James Holding
  7. Going to Meet Terry by Rick Hills
  8. The Blushing Bride by Barbara Ninde Byfield
  9. A Matter of Chances by Ron Butler
  10. The Marley Case by Linda Haldeman
  11. To Catch a Wizard by Walter Satterthwait
  12. The Right to Sing the Blues by John Lutz
  13. The Roughneck and the Dead Guy by Brent Haywood
  14. Greektown by Loren D. Estleman
  15. Poor Dumb Mouths by Bill Crenshaw — from AHMM 51(9)
  16. The Last Day by Rob Kantner
  17. St. Anne Mystery by Tonda Barrett
  18. The Mystery of the Lion Window by Jane Rice
  19. The Sweetiepie Caper by Dan A. Sproul
  20. Stork Trek by Edward Wellen and Josh Pachter
  21. An American Visit by F.M. Maupin