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Alfred Hitchcock's Murder-Go-Round (book)

front cover of the US edition

Alfred Hitchcock's Murder-Go-Round


  • Hold in tight to your nerves!


  1. Fat Jow and the Watchmaker by Robert Alan Blair
  2. Doctor's Dilemma by Harold Q. Masur
  3. Nice Wholesome Girl by Robert Colby
  4. Dinner Will Be Cold novelette by Fletcher Flora
  5. Poacher's Island by Richard Hardwick
  6. Nobody to Play With by Irwin Porges
  7. Gallivantin' Woman by Wenzell Brown
  8. Hardheaded Cop by D.S. Halacy, Jnr
  9. Time to Kill novelette by Dick Ellis
  10. Murder Out of a Hat by Henry Slesar
  11. Electric Girl Caper by Edward D. Hoch
  12. Good Head for Murder by Charles W. Runyon
  13. Roundhouse by Frank Sisk
  14. Day of the Picnic by John Lutz