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Alfred Hitchcock's Murder Racquet (book)

US paperback

Alfred Hitchcock's Murder Racquet


  • Brand new aces of evil — served up by the greatest pro of them all


  1. The Sawbuck Machine by Frank Sisk
  2. Contraband by James Holding
  3. For Every Evil by Douglas Farr
  4. You Can't Win 'Em (At) All by Ed Lacy
  5. Murder in Mind by C.B. Gilford
  6. Charley's Charm by Alice Mary Schnirring
  7. Murder Door to Door by Robert Colby
  8. Ransom Demand by Jeffrey M. Wallmann
  9. I'll Race You by Fletcher Flora
  10. "I Am Not a Thief, Mr. Kester" by Fletcher Flora
  11. Mousetrap by Edwin P. Hicks
  12. Mildly Murderous by Elijah Ellis
  13. An Element of Risk by Richard Deming
  14. A Neighborly Observation by Richard Hardwick