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Alfred Hitchcock's A Mystery By the Tale

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock's A Mystery By the Tale


  • 28 Short Stories of Mystery and Suspense


  1. Stately Ruins by Frank Sisk
  2. The Small Hours by Ernest Savage
  3. Drawer 14 by Talmage Powell
  4. The Unstained Code by George Grover Kipp
  5. Next in Line by Jack Ritchie
  6. A Little Time Off by Stephen Wasylyk
  7. Understanding Electricity by John Lutz
  8. False Alarm by Anne Morice
  9. Flight of the Sparrow by Gerald Tomlinson
  10. Martha Myers, Movie Star by Raymond Mason
  11. Happy as a Harp Song by Pauline C. Smith
  12. Meditations upon a Murder by Donald Martin
  13. You Can Die Laughing by Robert Arthur
  14. Beware: Dangerous Man by C.B. Gilford
  15. The Fanatical Ford by Arthur Porges
  16. A Grave on the Indragiri by Alvin S. Fick
  17. It Started Most Innocently by O.H. Leslie
  18. Last of the Big-Time Spenders by Duffy Carpenter
  19. Parlor Game by Gary Brandner
  20. Albert and the Amateurs by Len Gray
  21. Thin Air by Bill Pronzini
  22. Typed for Murder by Nedra Tyre
  23. Make My Death Bed by Babs H. Deal
  24. Murder on the Edinburgh-London Express by John H. Dirckx
  25. A Woman's Work is Never Done by Helen Fislar Brooks
  26. Home Ground by A.F. Oreshnik
  27. The Letter Carrier by Kathryn Gottlieb
  28. The World According to Uncle Albert by Penelope Wallace

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery By the Tale


The Castle Book edition adds the following stories:

  1. Requiem for Three Sharks by T.M. Adams
  2. When the Sheriff Walked by Jack Ritchie — from AHMM 19(12)
  3. Korda by Al Nussbaum
  4. Silver Spectre by Jon L. Breen — from AHMM 25(3)
  5. The Prodigal Brother by William Bankier
  6. Death in the Barrio by Kenneth Gavrell