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Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (August 1973)

August 1973



Dear Reader:

No one should feel deprived if a vacation trip is out of the question for now. This month's selection, for example, of new mystery and suspense takes you to such places as London, Chicago, St. Louis, Berkeley, even Florida—all for the small expenditure of seventy-five cents. It is complete with a choice of sights—of Homo sapiens—in various degrees of health. What more could any traveler ask?

Country living (and expiring) experienced in Deadly August by Clark Howard, and in the James H. Schmitz novelette, Crime Buff, sandwich a long list of mini-tours.

As your travel agent, I can assure you of no traffic jams, no waiting lines, no dyspepsia, even no sunburn, if you read indoors. Your reservation is in order. Welcome aboard the Mystery Express for

Good reading.

— Alfred Hitchcock



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