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Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine Presents: 13 Tales of New American Gothic

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13 Tales of New American Gothic


  1. Our Daughter is in Heaven by Elaine Menge
  2. Night Work by Steve Lindley
  3. The Twins: A Mystery by Joyce Carol Oates
  4. Shalimar Beach by Jean Femling
  5. The Gorilla Murders by O'Neil De Noux
  6. The Wall by Rhys Bowen
  7. The Widow Po by Martin Limón
  8. Sargasso Sea by John C. Boland
  9. Big Winner by Terry Black
  10. As the Screw Turns by Shelley Costa
  11. After the Fall by Elaine Viets
  12. Jazreen by L. A. Wilson, Jnr
  13. Ten Thousand Cold Nights by James Lincoln Warren