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Alfred Hitchcock's Noose Report (book)

front cover of the US edition

Alfred Hitchcock's Noose Report


  • 14 breath-taking hangman's knots that are not to be missed


  1. A Home Away from Home by Robert Bloch
  2. High Tide by Richard Hardwick
  3. The World's Oldest Motive by Laurence M. Janifer
  4. A Very Cautious Boy by Gilbert Ralston
  5. Something Very Special by Fletcher Flora
  6. The Short and Simple Annals by Dan J. Marlowe
  7. Others Deal in Death by August Derleth
  8. The Promotion by Richard Deming
  9. Contents: One Body by C.B. Gilford
  10. The Trouble with Ruth by Henry Slesar
  11. Make Your Pitch by Borden Deal
  12. The Little Things by Ed Lacy
  13. Holdout by Jack Ritchie
  14. The Late Unlamented by Jonathan Craig



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