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Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Be Read with Caution (book)

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Be Read with Caution


  1. A Melee Of Diamonds by Edward D. Hoch
  2. One For The Crow by Mary Barrett
  3. Happiness Before Death by Henry Slesar
  4. The Letters Of Mme. De Carrere by Oscar Schisgall
  5. Linda Is Gone by Pauline C. Smith
  6. Which One's The Guilty One? by Edward Wellen
  7. Frightened Lady by C. B. Gilford
  8. The Followers by Borden Deal
  9. Never Shake A Family Tree by Donald E. Westlake
  10. Here Lies Another Blackmailer by Bill Pronzini
  11. The Missing Tattoo by Clayton Matthews
  12. The Fall Of Dr. Scourby by Patricia Matthews
  13. Within The Law by John Lutz
  14. Act Of Violence by Arthur Gordon
  15. The Loose End by Stephen Wasylyk
  16. That So-Called Laugh by Frank Sisk
  17. A Very Special Talent by Margaret B. Maron
  18. The Joker by Betty Ren Wright — from AHMM 7(8)
  19. The Man Who Took It With Him by Donald Olson
  20. The Plural Mr. Grimaud by Jacques Gilles
  21. Pseudo Identity by Lawrence Block
  22. That Russian! by Jack Ritchie
  23. The Very Hard Sell by Helen Nielsen
  24. The Privileges Of Crime by Talmage Powell
  25. Comeback Performance by Richard Deming
  26. The Tin Ear by Ron Goulart
  27. Infinite License by Dan J. Marlowe
  28. The Montevideo Squeeze by James Holding
  29. The White Moth by Margaret Chenoweth
  30. The Time Before The Crime by Charlotte Edwards