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Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Fill You with Fear and Trembling (book)

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Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Fill You with Fear and Trembling


  1. The Ring With The Velvet Ropes by Edward D. Hoch
  2. Pattern Of Guilt by Helen Nielsen
  3. The Grateful Thief by Patrick O'Keeffe
  4. A Real, Live Murderer by Donald Honig — from AHMM 5(10)
  5. The Inspiration by Talmage Powell — from AHMM 15(10)
  6. Light Fingers by Henry Slesar
  7. Doctor Apollo by Bryce Walton
  8. Fair Grounds For Murder by Donald Olson — from AHMM 16(9)
  9. After The Unfortunate Accident by Barry N. Malzberg
  10. A Professional by Robert Mckay
  11. Where The Finger Points by Jack Ritchie — from AHMM 7(10)
  12. Give Me Ten Days by Theodore Pratt
  13. Death Is A Lonely Lover by Robert Colby
  14. Television Country by Charlotte Edwards — from AHMM 7(12)
  15. Art For Money's Sake by Dan J. Marlowe
  16. A Sound Investment by James M. Ullman
  17. Lady With A Hobby by Raymond E. Banks
  18. The Witness Was A Lady by Fletcher Flora
  19. Scheme For Destruction by Pauline C. Smith
  20. And Seven Makes Death by Jeff Heller
  21. Child's Play by William Link and Richard Levinson
  22. Just A Little Impractical Joke by Richard Stark
  23. To The Manner Born by Mary Braund
  24. Deadly Shade Of Blue by Jack Sharkey — from AHMM 7(5)
  25. The Dead Past by Al Nussbaum
  26. The Vietnam Circle by F.J. Kelly
  27. Sadie When She Died by Ed Mcbain


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