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Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Keep You Spellbound (book)

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Keep You Spellbound


  1. The Pursuer by Holly Roth — from AHMM 5(1)
  2. Final Arrangements by Lawrence Page
  3. Countdown by David Ely — from AHMM 7(2)
  4. She is Not My Mother by Hilda Cushing
  5. Spook House by Clark Howard
  6. Second Chance by Robert Cenedella — from AHMM 7(8)
  7. The Last Witness by Robert Colby
  8. Death a La Newburgh by Libby MacCall
  9. A Cold Day in November by Bill Pronzini
  10. A Degree Of Innocence by Helen Nielsen
  11. The Man We Found by Donald Honig
  12. Night on the Beach by Wenzell Brown
  13. Scott Free by Miriam Lynch — from AHMM 7(8)
  14. A Very Cautious Boy by Gilbert Ralston
  15. A Try for the Big Prize by Borden Deal
  16. Killed By Kindness by Nedra Tyre — from AHMM 8(7)
  17. Just a Minor Offense by John Suter
  18. The Long Terrible Day by Charlotte Edwards
  19. Cicero by Edward Wellen
  20. Winter Run by Edward D. Hoch
  21. You Can't Blame Me by Henry Slesar
  22. Death of a Derelict by Joseph Payne Brennan
  23. Present for Lona by Avram Davidson
  24. Murderer #2 by Jean Potts — from AHMM 6(1)
  25. The Third Call by Jack Ritchie
  26. A Home Away from Home by Robert Bloch
  27. The Handyman by Clayton Matthews
  28. Nothing But Human Nature by Hillary Waugh
  29. Murder, 1990 by C.B. Gilford — from AHMM 5(10)
  30. Panther, Panther in the Night by Paul W. Fairman


Here, published the same month as the 20th Anniversary Issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, is the first of a new series of anthologies consisting of stories that first saw the light of day in AHMM. And a bonanza collection it is, with 30 stories by some of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine's most competent and illustrious tale-spinners, including Holly Roth, C. B. Gilford, Jean Potts, David Ely, Edward D. Hoch, Nedra Tyre, Bill Pronzini, Hillary Waugh, and Borden Deal.

Also included are 7 stories that won awards in AHMM's story contest in the '6os-Jack Ritchie's "The Third Call," Robert Bloch's "A Home Away from Home," Henry Slesar's "You Can't Blame Me," Donald Honig's "The Man We Found," Lawrence Page's "Final Anangements," Clark Howard's "Spook House," and Gilbert Ralston's "A Very Cautious Boy."

But every story in this new anthology is prize caliber—first-rate, rewarding, spellbinding reading from the master of suspense.