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Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Make You Quake & Quiver (book)

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Make You Quake & Quiver


  1. That Monday Night by Pauline C. Smith
  2. Big Tony by Jack Ritchie
  3. Martin for the Defense by Jaime Sandaval
  4. The Waiting Room by Charles W. Runyon
  5. Scream All the Way by Michael Collins
  6. Thieves' Bazaar by W.L. Heath
  7. The Keeper by Clark Howard
  8. Nice Guy by Richard Deming
  9. A Funny Place to Park by James Holding
  10. The Jade Figurine by Bill Pronzini
  11. A Small Down Payment by Stephen Wasylyk
  12. Coffee Break by Arthur Porges
  13. The Volunteers by Reynold Junker
  14. Death at Stonehenge by Norma Schier
  15. Call Me Nick by Jonathan Craig
  16. One November Night by Douglas Farr
  17. Arbiter of Uncertainties by Edward D. Hoch
  18. Witness by Lee Chisholm
  19. Breakfast in Bed by Maeva Park
  20. Summer in Pokochobee County by Elijah Ellis
  21. Variations on an Episode by Fletcher Flora
  22. Finders-Killers by Ed Lacy
  23. The Pin-Up Boss by Georges Carousso
  24. Rainy Wednesday by Thomasina Weber
  25. The Short and Simple Annals by Dan J. Marlowe
  26. Bite of Revenge by James McKimmey, Jnr
  27. The Pearls of Li Pong by W.E Dan Ross