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Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Make Your Blood Run Cold (book)

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Make Your Blood Run Cold


  1. Search the Crying Woman by Harold R. Daniels
  2. Murder Between Friends by Nedra Tyre
  3. Final Exam by Allen Kim Lang
  4. The Tutor by Michael Bruen
  5. Voice in the Night by Robert Colby
  6. The Artist by Al Nussbaum
  7. Undertaker, Please Drive Slow by Ron Goulart
  8. The Girl Who Wouldn't Talk by Paul W. Fairman
  9. Heir Presumptuous by C.B. Gilford
  10. The Scar by Donald Honig
  11. Spitting Image by Mann Rubin
  12. Case of the Kind Waitress by Henry Slesar
  13. Ghost of a Chance by Carroll Mayers
  14. Storm's End by Michael Zuroy
  15. The Picnic People by Edward D. Hoch
  16. The Shunned House by Robert Edmond Alter
  17. The Welcome Mat by Carl Marcus
  18. Career Man by James Holding
  19. A Flower in Her Hair by Pauline C. Smith
  20. Proxy by Talmage Powell
  21. The Intangible Threat by Joseph Payne Brennan
  22. The Cost of Kent Castwell by Avram Davidson
  23. My Unfair Lady by Guy Cullingford
  24. Vacation by Mike Brett
  25. A Flower for Her Grave by Hilda Cushing
  26. Another Beautiful Day by Harold Dutch
  27. Incident at Mardi's by Herbert Brean
  28. The Greatest Robbery on Earth by Lloyd Biggle, Jnr
  29. Damon and Pythias and Delilah Brown by Rufus King
  30. Glory Hunter by Richard M. Ellis
  31. Perfectly Timed Plot by E.X. Ferrars
  32. #8 by Jack Ritchie
  33. All the Needless Killing by Bryce Walton
  34. The Explosives Expert by John Lutz
  35. The 79 Murders of Martha Hill Gibbs by Joseph Csida