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Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Make Your Hair Stand on End (book)

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Make Your Hair Stand on End


  1. Hush, Dear Conscience by C.B. Gilford
  2. Death by Misadventure by Elijah Ellis
  3. The Death Desk by S.S. Rafferty
  4. The Room at the End of the Hall by Helen Nielsen
  5. Kisses and Chloroform by Donald Olson
  6. A Left-Handed Profession by Al Nussbaum
  7. Second Spring by Theodore Mathieson
  8. Bank Knight by Arthur Porges
  9. The Contagious Killer by Bryce Walton
  10. The Man Who Came Back by Edward D. Hoch
  11. Bad Actor by Gary Brandner
  12. Pigeon in an Iron Lung by Talmage Powell
  13. King of the World by John Lutz
  14. Nice Shooting by A.E. Eddenden
  15. Too Solid Mildred by Jack Ritchie
  16. Free Advice, Incorporated by Michael Brett
  17. Payoff Time by Clark Howard
  18. The Way the World Spins by Bill Pronzini
  19. The Real Criminal by James M. Gilmore
  20. Bang! You're Dead! by Margaret B. Maron
  21. The Hard Sell by William Dolan
  22. The Prosperous Judds by Bob Bristow
  23. The Dead Indian by Robert W. Alexander
  24. The China Cottage by August Derleth