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Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Make Your Teeth Chatter (book)

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Make Your Teeth Chatter


  1. Black Disaster by Richard O. Lewis
  2. Memory Game by William Link and Richard Levinson
  3. A Place to Hide by Richard Deming
  4. Kasch for Your Clothes by Fred S. Tobey — from AHMM 17(8)
  5. One Way Out by Clark Howard
  6. Sweet Tranquility by Leo P. Kelley
  7. Deathbed by Frank Sisk — from AHMM 19(11)
  8. The Choker by Edward D. Hoch — from AHMM 19(9)
  9. Not an Enemy in the World by Charlotte Edwards
  10. What Difference Now? by Clayton Matthews — from AHMM 13(7)
  11. All of a Sudden by John Lutz
  12. The Lipstick Explosion by James Holding
  13. The Deadly Guest by Helen Nielsen — from AHMM 3(10)
  14. That Kind of a Day by Lawrence Block
  15. The Slave by Henry Slesar
  16. Teeth in the Case by Carl Henry Rathjen
  17. The Marrow of Justice by Hal Ellson
  18. Favor by Stephen Wasylyk — from AHMM 14(1)
  19. That Year's Victim by Jack Ritchie
  20. Innocent Witness by Irving Schiffer — from AHMM 7(9)
  21. Dead Stop on the Road South by Robert Colby — from AHMM 14(3)
  22. We're Really Not That Kind of People by Samuel W. Taylor
  23. Weighty Problem by Duane Decker — from AHMM 5(8)
  24. There's Something Funny Here by James Michael Ullman
  25. The Ultimate Prey by Talmage Powell — from AHMM 19(12)
  26. Vienna Sausage by Joyce Harrington
  27. Sniff by Donald E. Westlake
  28. Pocket Evidence by Harold Q. Masur