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Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Scare You Stiff (book)

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Scare You Stiff


  1. Come Back, Come Back by Donald E. Westlake — from AHMM 5(10)
  2. Once Upon a Bank Floor by James Holding
  3. Warrior's Farewell by Edward D. Hoch — from AHMM 12(8)
  4. Adventures of the Sussex Archers by August Derleth — from AHMM 7(10)
  5. Don't Lose Your Cool by Dan J. Marlowe
  6. Bus to Chattanooga by Jonathan Craig — from AHMM 9(5)
  7. The Perfidy of Professor Blake by Libby MacCall
  8. I Don't Understand It by Bill Pronzini — from AHMM 17(12)
  9. News From Nowhere by Ron Goulart
  10. A Case of Desperation by Kate Wilhelm
  11. The Books Always Balance by Lawrence Block — from AHMM 8(7)
  12. The Second Debut by Arthur Porges
  13. Sea Change by Henry Slesar
  14. The Green Heart by Jack Ritchie
  15. Supply and Demand by James M. Ullman
  16. Bird Island by Ross Brown — from AHMM 15(12)
  17. Daisies Deceive by Nedra Tyre
  18. Dead Duck by Lawrence Treat
  19. Vengeance on the Subway by Patrick O'Keeffe — from AHMM 15(5)
  20. A Very Cold Gimlet by Frank Sisk — from AHMM 10(7)
  21. Games for Adults by John Lutz
  22. Farewell, My Brothers by Theodore Mathieson — from AHMM 15(1)
  23. Object All Sublime by Helen Kasson
  24. Galton and the Yelling Boys by Hillary Waugh — from AHMM 15(3)
  25. Blind Date by Charles Boeckman
  26. The Blue Tambourine by Donald Olson
  27. Graveyard Shift by William P. McGivern