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Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Send Chills Down Your Spine (book)

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Send Chills Down Your Spine


  1. Introduction by Alfred Hitchcock (ghost written)
  2. A Bottle of Wine by Borden Deal
  3. The Glass Bridge by Robert Arthur — from AHMM 2(7)
  4. Luck is No Lady by Robert Bloch — from AHMM 2(8)
  5. The Exit Was a Wall by Evans Harrington
  6. An Interlude for Murder by Paul Tabori
  7. Peephole by Henry Slesar
  8. Death Overdue by Eleanor Daly Boylan
  9. The Best-Friend Murder by Donald E. Westlake
  10. Man Bites Dog by Donald Honig
  11. Go to Sleep, Darling by James Holding — from AHMM 5(8)
  12. Murder is Dominant by Glenn Andrews
  13. A Reform Movement by Donald Martin
  14. Remote Control by Jean Garris — from AHMM 7(2)
  15. The Bond by Bob Britow
  16. The Seeing Eye by Warren Donahue
  17. Never Trust an Ancestor by Michael Zuroy
  18. Anyone for Murder? by Jack Ritchie
  19. Death by Misadventure by Wenzell Brown
  20. With a Smile for the Ending by Lawrence Block
  21. Don't Hang Up by Michael Wilson
  22. Another War by Edward D. Hoch
  23. Pressure by Roderick Wilkinson — from AHMM 13(1)
  24. The Running Man by Bill Pronzini — from AHMM 13(1)
  25. Sparrow on a String by Alice Scanlan Reach — from AHMM 14(2)
  26. The Clock is Cuckoo by Richard Deming
  27. Esther's Dress by Donald Olson — from AHMM 15(5)
  28. A Gallon of Gas by William Brittain
  29. Night of the Twisters by James Michael Ullman
  30. Variations on a Game by Patricia Highsmith


Do you like to be agitated? Shocked? Jarred? Do you like your reading disquieting, turbulent, icy? Do you like it to shake you up? To pack a wallop? To fill you with fear and trembling? This fifth anthology in the new series of stories from Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine—with each of the first eighteen years of the magazine (1956-1973) represented by at least one story—provides the kind of chill-causing excitement you've come to expect from the Master of Suspense.

Here are stories from Patricia Highsmith (who wrote Strangers on a Train), Robert Bloch (who wrote Psycho), and 27 others whose spine-tingling fiction has earned them the warm support of Alfred Hitchcock fans for years.

Alfred J. Hitchcock