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Alfred Hitchcock's The Best of Fiends

front cover of the US edition

Alfred Hitchcock's The Best of Fiends


  • It's always evil weather, when Alfie and his pals get together!


  1. Sweet, Sweet Murder by H.A. DeRosso
  2. Final Performance by Dick Ellis
  3. Say "Cheese" by Ed Lacy
  4. Cemetery Man by C.B. Gilford
  5. No Tears for Foster novelette by Fletcher Flora
  6. Code Brown by Robert Colby
  7. Legacy of Office by Rog Phillips
  8. Diary to Death by Neil M. Clark
  9. Sing a Song for Tony novelette by Jack Ritchie
  10. Remote Rattler by Edwin P. Hicks
  11. Murder Most Convenient by Gilbert Ralston
  12. Shakedown by Richard O. Lewis
  13. False Alarm by Richard Deming
  14. Suitable for Framing by Mary Linn Roby