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Alfred Hitchcock's Words of Prey (book)

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock's Words of Prey


  1. Ruby Martinson's Poisoned Pen by Henry Slesar
  2. The Desperate Theft by Stephen Wasylyk
  3. The Girl from Ishikawa by Ann F. Woodward — from AHMM 25(10)
  4. The Gun Law by Brian Garfield
  5. Requiem for Three Sharks by T.M. Adams
  6. When the Sheriff Walked by Jack Ritchie — from AHMM 19(12)
  7. Korda by Al Nussbaum
  8. Silver Spectre by Jon L. Breen — from AHMM 25(3)
  9. The Prodigal Brother by William Bankier
  10. Alternate by Kevin O'Donnell, Jnr
  11. Faithful Viewer by Miel Tanburn
  12. A Bully's Downfall by John H. Dirckx — from AHMM 23(7)
  13. Dead Man by John Lutz
  14. A Matter of Arson by Lawrence Treat
  15. Nemesis by Jeffry Scott
  16. Colloquies in Quad by Frank Sisk
  17. Death in the Barrio by Kenneth Gavrell
  18. Murder Strikes Out by Richard M. Ellis
  19. The Seventh Son by Jean Darling
  20. Killing Time by Gary Alexander — from AHMM 25(12)
  21. Stranger's Gift by Talmage Powell
  22. The Scientist and the Time Bomb by Arthur Porges
  23. Safe Delivery by Tonita S. Gardner — from AHMM 25(4)
  24. Inspector Saito and the Shogun by Seiko Legru
  25. True Friends by Patrick O'Keeffe
  26. Life Sentence by Kathryn Gottlieb
  27. It's Called Living by Max Van Derveer
  28. Yellow Shoes by Hal Ellson
  29. The Answer by Bruce M. Fisher