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Alfred Hitchcock: Death on Arrival

US paperback

Alfred Hitchcock: Death on Arrival


  • A Chilling Receptions Awaits You in...


  1. Gentle Bluebeard by Richard Deming
  2. Cousin Kelly by Fletcher Flora
  3. Fat Jow and the Reluctant Witness by Robert Alan Blair
  4. Long Way Down novelette by Edward D. Hoch
  5. Fly Swatter by Frank Sisk
  6. Double Zero by Robert Colby
  7. You and the Music by John Lutz
  8. Impossible Footprint by William Brittain
  9. First Principles by Donald Honig
  10. Sixth Mrs. Pendrake by C.B. Gilford
  11. Little Knowledge by Arthur Porges
  12. Rope Enough by Dick Ellis
  13. Token by Hal Ellson
  14. Sheriff Peavy's Full Moon Caper novelette by Richard Hardwick