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Alfred Hitchcock: Killers at Large

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock: Killers at Large


  • Uncaged terror when Hitchcock lets loose 14 masters of shock-suspense!


  1. System Player by Richard Deming
  2. Loaded Guns are Dangerous by Richard O. Lewis
  3. Welcome Stranger by Elijah Ellis
  4. Come Ride with Me by Donald Honig
  5. Sheriff Peavy's Cosa Nostra Caper by Richard Hardwick
  6. Yellowbelly by William Brittain
  7. Because of Everything by Glenn Canary
  8. Refuge by Fletcher Flora
  9. The Ghost of Elliott Reedy by Max Van Derveer
  10. A Long Trip for Jenny by F.J. Smith
  11. The Double Corner by Philip Ketchum
  12. The Scientist and the Exterminator by Arthur Porges
  13. Border Crossing by James Holding
  14. Swamp Rat by C.B. Gilford