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Alfred Hitchcock: Meet Death at Night (book)

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock: Meet Death at Night


  • The cream of the crop in creepy stories


  1. Keeper Of The Crypt by Clark Howard
  2. The Nightmare by D.A. Coleman
  3. Meet Death At Night by C.B. Gilford
  4. Dead Giveaway by Leo R. Ellis
  5. The Amateur Philologist by August Derleth
  6. Mirror, Mirror by Pauline K. Prilucik
  7. The Black-Eyed Denominator by Ed Lacy
  8. She Loved Funerals by Hilda Cushing
  9. Avery’s Ghost by James M. Gilmore
  10. For Money Received by Fletcher Flora
  11. Drawer 14 by Talmage Powell
  12. The 79 Murders Of Martha Hill Gibbs by Joseph Caida

Back Cover

Whilst reading this book you may notice a quickening of your heart-beat, a slight clamminess in the palms of your hands, a certain dryness in your mouth and a peculiar sensation at the back of your neck.

Dear reader: You are in the grip of fear!

In this collection Alfred Hitchcock presents stories by C. B. Gifford, August Derleth, Ed Lacy, Clark Howard and other masters of the macabre.